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The Thought That Counts: a poem by Bethany Nicholson (Newcastle, England)

A poem by Bethany Nicholson

They said it didn’t matter

As long as I tried my best. They lied –

I tried and failed

And lost against the rest

So you hid me in a box

Because I wasn’t quite like you

I tried my best and failed and you didn’t even care

Your world is different to mine

To you it all seems fair

You say that it’s the thought that counts

And I must always do my best,

But if we held a mirror to your world

Would you have done the same?

Or are you exempt

From your own rules

Because you have a different name?

If you looked into my thoughts

Maybe they could change the world,

But you don’t want to listen

To a crazy freak like me

You can laugh and point and shout me down

And claim we’re equal and free

Is it easier to mock

The few who disagree?

And does it frighten you to think

That I am not like you?

Would it keep you awake at night

If you saw my point of view?

Even though I tried so hard

I failed in your eyes

I hope there’s someone somewhere

Who knows how hard I tried,

I hope there is a place

Where the thought is what counts…

Because thoughts are all I have

Free of the chains

You bound me in

And it’s thoughts like this that fuel the fire

You cannot keep within

So cover my cage in labels

And obscure me from view

You’d better hope that when things change

I will not do the same to you

Just remember, it’s the thought that counts

And I will not forget

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

And though

You’ve tried

Your best…

You havent killed me yet

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