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From Tamas Frank

HoBo (Homeward bound) in Rogers Park
We might be living in a perpetual dawn
Have we not changed in so long
Another dawn of an age with many names
When will we learn to not be so lame
Not to be so lame not to be so lame
I ran into an old friend
Who has taken on some new shapes
I asked him where he’s going
He responded as a noun as a noun
As a noun as a noun
We juggled adjectives
And we did some verbs like a clown
I tuned into a frequency
Or rather turned into a frequency
Resonating colors that you could see
And painted the town painted the town painted the town
As we spiral two a galaxy filled with new and old debris
My friend reminded me
You can still climb a tree
In the calamity
I am young enough to hop a train hop a train

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Detroit area musician, writer. I've grown some since photo taken in the 1970s.

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